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By the grace of Allah, India Baitul-Mal Trust (IBT) was established in the month of Ramdan in year 2008 with the main objective to uplift the community economically and socially

Baitul-mal is not a new concept, it is the Sunnah of Prophet (SAWS). The importance of Baitul-mal can be established from the fact that the Prophet (SAWS) Himself started and administered the Baitul-mal. The Zakat & Contributions given individuals is less effective, than the same deposited in Baitul-mal which can be utilized in a more efficient and forceful way for the upliftment of Ummah.

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Slow but Steady

After displaying IBT Information Notice Boards in 38 Masajid’s  for last two years, now we are getting the results by good flow of boys and girls students visiting IBT and fulfilling on-line forms. Alhumdullilah in month of Sept. 2013 only, 800 students has applied...

Central Government Jobs in Indian Railways.

    News given by India Baitul-Mal (above) in INQULAB DAILY News paper, Gulbarga on 11-10-2013 to inform our jobless youngster about Central Government Jobs in Indian Railways. India Baitul Mal (IBT) is giving services to our Ummah by informing about Govt....


India Baitulmal provides Education Scholoship to poor students.

IBT Notice Board

IBT Information Notice Board has been placed in several Masajids of the city where information related to jobs is brought to the notice of the community.

Auto Drivers

India Baitul Maal is providing free scholarship for training of Drivers for personal/commercial purpose to the poor and needy. Any interested person can apply. Contact Iqbal Ali 9845203533. *Terms And Conditions Apply

Deeniyath classes in Rural Areas

India Baitulmal conduct Deeniyat classes in Rural Areas.  
The charitable give out at the door, and God puts in at the window.

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