“Baitul-mal is not a new concept, it is the Sunnah of Prophet (SAWS). The importance of Baitul-mal can be established from the fact that the Prophet (SAWS) Himself started and administered the Baitul-mal. The Zakat & Contributions given individuals is less effective, than the same deposited in Baitul-mal which can be utilized in a more efficient and forceful way for the upliftment of Ummah.” 
VISION : To build an interest free & financially strong society
MISSION : (1)  To open branches of I.B.T in all the localities of city for upliftment of community.
                  (2)  To make the community self reliant in all respect through various schemes of IBT.
INTRODUCTION : By the grace of Allah, India Baitul-Mal Trust (IBT) was established in the month of Ramdan in year 2008 with the main objective to uplift the community economically and socially through :
(i)                 Charity in a well organized, systematic and planned way.
(ii)               Providing interest free loans on supportive & development basis.
To achieve this objective, IBT has taken up a detailed house to house survey in a number of localities in and around Gulbarga city for assessing the condition related to Economic, Health, Hygiene, Social, Education &  Unemployment. The trust is equipped with a detail computerized data of  localities. Based on this information the trust is formulating and implementing the following below mentioned schemes to uplift the community.
1)      Establishing and running learning centers in poor and slums localities where Computer, Tailoring, Zardozi, Mehndi and Handy Crafts training is imparted.  In addition Quran and basic Deeniyat is also taught to adult girls and women.
2)       Unemployed youths are given free Four Wheeler Driving Training and equipping them  with driving license. Apart from this English, Quran and basic Deeniyat is also  been taught compulsorily.
3)      Unemployed youth are trained in Nursing and Operation Theater Technician courses with certifications.
4)      An Employment Exchange cell has been opened to give assistance in getting  job to unemployed youths in Companies, Malls, Shops, and in private sectors.
5)      Information Notice Board has been placed in several Masajids of the city where information related to jobs in Govt./Private sector, Education Scholarships and Free Govt. Technical Training is brought to the notice of the community.
6)      One-Room Madarsa is also being run in remote and slums areas for adult girls and women through lady Aalima’s to give Islamic education.
7)      Distribution of food packets during month of Ramdan for poor people, to help them keep fast and celebrate Idd.
8)      Distribution of Qurbani meat  among the poor is also undertaken.
9)      Conducting Entrance Exam for UPSC and KPSC at Gulbarga.
The Trust utilizes the Zakat Fund for the following purposes.
1-      Education scholarships.
2-      Poor Girls marriages.
3-      Medical Treatment.
4-      Widows pension.
5-      Relief from interest bearing loans.
6-      Help to Musafir’s.
7-      Help for victims of man-made and natural calamities.
Further the Trust channelizes the Donations and Monthly donors contribution received, towards providing interest-free loans in a cyclic process for the following purposes:
1-      Loans for self employment [purchase of machinery and equipment for workshops].
2-       Education loan.
3-      Loan for poor girl marriages.
4-      Loan for medical treatment.
5-      Petty business loans.
6-      Loan for purchasing Thela-gadi & sewing machine.
Future Plans
1-      The trust proposes to establish and run job oriented  Vocational Training Courses.
2-      The trust also proposes to establish a free Marriage Bureau to save our community from exploitation.
Question:   Do you also want to be a part of this noble cause ??
1)      If yes, contribute your Zakat and donations to IBT and get your reward multiplied many times  in Aqirath – Jazakallah Khair
2)      Your valuable experienced services and suggestion are also welcomed.   JAZAKALLAH KHAIR
For depositing your ZAKAT & DONATION please contact :
Beside Masjid Aiwen-e-Shahi, Aiwen-e-Shahi Colony, Gulbarga 585102
Mobile : 9845203533; 9845352545; 9980527481